News from the group


Accepted Article

Congratulations to Maria, Antonin and Pierre for their paper regarding the synthesis of fused 4-membered rings via 1,4-Pd migration that was accepted in JACS!

Accepted Article

Congratulations to Oleks for his paper regarding the total synthesis of the diterpenes (+)-Randainin D and (+)-Barekoxide via photoredox-catalyzed deoxygenative allylation that was accepted in JACS!

Accepted Article

Congratulations to Takeru, Domenic, Sota and Rafael for their paper regarding an enantioselective synthesis of Cryptowolinol via Pd0-catalyzed C(sp3)–H arylation/parallel kinetic resolution that was accepted in Organic Letters!

Accepted Article

Congratulations to Anton, Stefania and Marco for their paper about a methylene C(sp3)−H arylation towards the stereoselective synthesis of Indidene natural products that was accepted in Angewandte!
Anton's defence

Ph.D. Thesis

Anton successfully defended his Ph.D. Thesis. We wish him all the best for the future!

Accepted Article

Congratulations to Matthew, Marco and Maria for their paper about mechanistic studies on the effect of α-substitution on the reactivity of C(sp3)–H bonds that was accepted in ACS Catalysis!
Domenic master

Master's Thesis

Domenic successfully finished his master's thesis in our group. We wish him all the best in his future career!

Congratulations to Andrea and Oleks!

Congratulations to Andrea for winning the runner-up prize for poster presentation at the SCS Fall Meeting 2023 and to Oleks for winning the runner-up prize for short-talk presentation at the 41st Regio Symposium!

University of Basel News

Our recent article on the enantioselective synthesis of carbo[n]helicenes has been highlighted on the University of Basel news.

Accepted Article

Congratulations to Shu-Min and Soohee for their paper about the enantioselective synthesis of lower carbo[n]helicenes via C–H activation that was accepted in Nature Chemistry!