Matthew Wheatley


General Information

Lab. 202
+41 61 207 56 53

Department of Chemistry
University of Basel
St. Johanns-Ring 19
CH-4056 Basel


PhD 2021, Prof. Igor Larrosa, The University of Manchester
BSc 2017, Sheffield Hallam University


3. Ru-Catalyzed Room Temperature Alkylation and Late-Stage Alkylation of Arenes with Primary Alkyl Bromides.
M. Wheatley, M. T. Findlay, R. Lopez-Rodriguez, D. M. Cannas, M. Simonetti and I. Larrosa. Chem. Catal. 20211, 691ā€“703.

2. A New Catalyst for a New Selectivity.
M. Wheatley. Chem. 2020, 6, 1201-1202.

1. Cyclometalated Ruthenium Catalyst Enables Ortho-Selective Cā€“H Alkylation with Secondary Alkyl Bromides.
G.-W. Wang, M. Wheatley, M. Simonetti, D. M. Cannas and I. Larrosa. Chem. 2020, 6, 1459ā€“1468.